Our Story

17th century woman in cerise silk dress and pompadour wig and ship in hair sitting in grass and flowers

In your imagination there are no limits.

Life’s too short to live in shades of beige.

It’s time to unleash the colour! Release the kitsch! Surround ourselves with glorious eccentricity!

Love Hype and Glory was born from a love of eclectic British design culture. Our fashion and homeware designs are a heady mix of the incongruous and contradictory (who says we can’t?!) Where flamboyance, nature, exotic worldwide cultures and British history are all equal playmates.

Love Hype and Glory is a destination for the brave and fearless. We want to inspire others to boldly embrace their own style, to dress and live life through free expression - without fear of limitation. To help you along, we give you a wild mix of the unexpected. Products to add edge, style and interest to the lives and homes of very interesting people.

Launched in London in 2015, all our products are handmade to order and crafted with the highest quality, ethically sourced materials. We still manufacture not only in London and the Cotswolds, but as our product offering expands, we have also partnered with carefully selected manufacturing experts from around the globe. This means you can be sure of our very best service and excellent quality products.

Oh, and all our shipping is free - the price you see is the price you pay! Nice.


Suzanne is the Founder and Creative Director of Love Hype and Glory.

With a long career as a Costume Designer in theatre, TV and film industries, Suzanne is no stranger to creativity. Combine this with overseeing celebrity wardrobes, a clothing company or two, and she’s perfectly placed to create quirky fashion for people who want to live a life less ordinary.

“As an art student in eighties London, I was constantly asked “Are you really going out in that?” Or “You can’t wear that”. As a child I had been painfully shy and a bit of a loner, but moving to the anonymity of London with its Punk influences was such a catalyst. Among like minded people, I felt my insecurities melt away and finally felt fearless enough to dress how I wanted. Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren and the Buffalo Girl era shaped me then, and inspire me still. I was ambivalent to stares in the street and loved being different!

My first job was designing costumes for Ice Shows in UK, USA and Malaysia. It was all about extravagance, excess and flamboyance - the more outrageous the better! Explosions of colour, movement and gravity-defying construction. This ‘more-is-more’ attitude is firmly entrenched in me to this day. I would struggle to be minimalist - but do try on occasion!

My inspiration is never-ending and can be triggered by almost anything that catches my attention, a moment in time, a colour, a smell. I find the design influences of the18th century, particularly evocative. My favourite designer has always been Erte (Romain de Tirtoff) who’s breathtaking work inspired by nature, is quintessentially emblematic of the Art Deco style.

Never be afraid to make a statement. Be Iconic. Be bold, and be brave enough to wear clothes that are a true reflection of you.

Our imagination is the last bastion of freedom, and life is too short to be constrained. Let’s have some fun. Who’s with me?”

Live free 💜

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